Notice: This project is no longer supported by the founding developer(s) due to lack of interest. LP is locked until 08/27/2022 and the contract ownership is renounced, so Masamoon Token is still safe to trade since it is decentralized (i.e. community owned).

Gorō Nyūdō Masamune and apprentice forging tachi

Masamoon Token’s name was inspired by Masamune (正宗), also known as Gorō Nyūdō Masamune (五郎入道正宗). He was widely recognized as Japan’s greatest swordsmith; Masamune created swords and daggers, known in Japanese as tachi and tantō respectively, in the Sōshū tradition.

As no exact dates are known for Masamune’s life, he has reached an almost legendary status.

🛈 Basic Information

Name: Masamoon
Type: BSC/BEP-20
Contract: 0xEdefd156430a2c43dC9A4c6c2C31DB254DABf8AF
Decimals: 18
Total Supply: 10,000,000
MaxTxAmount: 25,000 (0.25% of total)
Transaction Fee: 5% reflection & 5% LP acquisition
SwapAndLiquify Amount: 5,000 (0.05% of total)

IMPORTANT: Masamoon’s maximum transaction amount is 25,000 tokens! Anything more than that will result in a failed tx. Also, traders should set their slippage to around 12%+ since there is a 10% wallet redistribution/liquidity fee!

A warrior is worthless unless he rises above others and stands strong in the midst of a storm.

-Yamamoto Tsunetomo

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How does the Masamoon token smart contract transfer function work?

MASAMOON is a BEP-20 token on the Binance Smart Chain. It works like all other BEP-20 tokens, but also includes some additional features in its transfer function. These features are Reflection, Liquidity Pool (LP) Acquisition and Burn:

  • Reflection: Holders earn passive rewards through static reflection as their balance of MASAMOON grows.
  • Liquidity Pool (LP) Acquisition: A percentage of all transfer transactions is added to the PancakeSwap liquidity pool.
  • Burn: Renouncing contract ownership results in a percentage of converted LP being sent to the BSC burn address.

Every token transfer incurs a 10% fee.

Fee breakdown

  • Reflection: 5% of the fee is distributed to all token holders in proportion to their token holdings. MASAMOON token balances have two different calculations: The first balance calculation is based on the traditional fixed number of tokens associated with a user’s address; The second balance calculation represents a user’s balance as a proportion of the total supply of the token:
    • This second calculation works similarly to how dynamic rebasing mechanisms work (example – Ampleforth token). When a taxed transaction occurs, the % re-distributed to token holders is deducted from the total “proportional” supply. As a result, the users’ percentage of the total supply increases.
  • Liquidity Pool Acquisition: 5% of the fee is to provide liquidity on PancakeSwap; 2.5% is added to BNB and 2.5% is added to MASAMOON.


  • Reflection: Holding the token long-term will result in redistribution rewards automatically added to a holder’s wallet.
  • LP acquisition: Selling results in a transfer fee that helps support and stabilize the price of the token.
  • Deflation: The burning of a portion of CAKE-LP serves as a deflationary function, meaning the total supply will gradually reduce, further increasing the rarity of tokens and price potential.

Because of this special transaction function, it is recommended that traders set their slippage tolerance to 12%+!

‘SwapAndLiquify’ function explained

After each transaction, a fee is charged and sent to the contract balance. When the contract balance reaches the ‘numTokensSellToAddToLiquidity’ amount, the following transaction will call the function ‘SwapAndLiquify’ which divides the contract balance in half; one part is swapped for WBNB and the second half remain in MASAMOON tokens. These two halves are then paired together and added to liquidity on PancakeSwap.

One thousand days of lessons for discipline; ten thousand days of lessons for mastery.

-Miyamoto Musashi

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Remember: The maximum transaction amount is 25,000 tokens!

The point is that once you know what you want, you must be prepared to sacrifice everything to get it.”


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