How To Purchase BNB & Masamoon Tokens

  1. First, obtain some Binance Coin (BNB):
    • Buy BNB directly from Binance here.
    • Or, purchase it from other centralized exchanges.
  2. Download and install a MetaMask wallet on your computer or phone (and be sure to backup your password, private key(s) and secret recovery phrase):
  3. Go back to the site or app where you purchased BNB and send it to your MetaMask wallet address:
    • It is located near the top and looks something like ‘0xC444…3CBA’.
    • Note: it is highly recommended that you copy and paste the address directly, rather than inputting each character manually to avoid mistakes and financial loss.
  4. Go to PancakeSwap.
  5. Connect your MetaMask wallet.
  6. Your BNB balance should show up as the ‘From’ currency in their Exchange/Swap.
  7. Click ‘Select a currency’ in the ‘To’ box and input the MASAMOON contract address: 0xEdefd156430a2c43dC9A4c6c2C31DB254DABf8AF
  8. Click ‘MASAMOON’ and verify it is the correct token.
  9. Input the amount of BNB you want to spend or tokens you would like to acquire:
    • Make sure you leave enough BNB in your wallet for tx/gas fees.
    • Important: The max transaction amount is 25,000 MASAMOON! Anything more than that will fail. Also, set slippage to around 12%+ since there is a 10% wallet redistribution/liquidity fee!
  10. After purchasing MASAMOON, open your MetaMask wallet, make sure you are connected to the Binance Smart Chain network (drop down near the top right, next to your account icon) and click the ‘Assets’ tab and then ‘Add Token’.
  11. Copy and paste the MASAMOON contract address: 0xEdefd156430a2c43dC9A4c6c2C31DB254DABf8AF
    • The fields should self-populate.
  12. After you have added MASAMOON to your wallet, you will be able to see the balance, as well as send and receive tokens:
    • These instructions can be applied to any BEP-20, or even ERC-20, token.
    • Remember, you can always see more detailed information about your wallet, and other wallets, on BscScan.
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