The Masamoon Token project was created by Katsuo Kurieita (クリエイタ). Tatsuhiro S., a colleague and fellow developer, is in charge of the social media accounts, web design and more. Other contributors include volunteers from the community.

Katsuo specializes in the Solidity programming language and also has experience with using Python, Javascript, CSS, HTML and more. His heart resides in his birthplace of Ginzan Onsen, but his mind and body are located in the West. Read Katsuo’s introduction on Medium here.

Tatsuhiro is also involved in the project. He is a friend of Katsuo and longtime cryptocurrency-enthusiast. Tatsuhiro is the creator of Hikikomori Token (HIKI) on the Binance Smart Chain. Read Tatsuhiro’s introduction on Medium here.

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